Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery

    Greg JamesThe Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery has been located in J Shed, on Bathers Beach in Fremantle, Western Australia, since 1993.

    J Shed is a heritage listed building that was originally built on Victoria Quay for storage purposes in 1912. Reconstructed on its current location by the Fremantle Harbour Trust in the 1960's, it was restored in 1987.

    Starting with a bare shed, Greg has developed this space to be a highly efficient and productive sculpture studio with a public viewing deck and gallery.


    The studio has served as a training ground for young artists, a temporary facility for established artists and host to visiting international artists. It also continues to accommodate numerous requests from school and special interest groups for educational visits, as well as occasioning musical and theatrical productions, and community art projects.

    Greg James' studio at the J Shed has seen the creation of many works, including the intimate sensual nudewindswept fishermenthe heroic soldier and the iconic rock star. Featuring a loft gallery showcasing many sculptures and other arts, you can also view down into the studio and watch Greg and his team at work.

    Click the two links below to gain an insight into the creation of the Bon Scott statue and the AW Potts statue, both created using the Lost Wax Method.

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